Location Based Entertainment Follow Up

This is a follow up to my post on Location Based Entertainment.  I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the LBE-Virtual Reality facility Two Bit Circus. Two Bit’s VR arcade is designed to take advantage of the technology gap and provide guests a VR headset, a VR backpack, and a custom-designed space enabling guests to move freely within their VR environments.  They provide guests immersive VR experiences in a manner they wouldn’t be able to experience in their own homes.  In addition they’ve also incorporated technology to enhance their other experiences (e.g. escape room, space mission room, interactive gaming, etc.)

Upon entering Two Bit Circus you get a nightclub vibe with it’s multiple bars, mood lighting and music.  It is however a G-rated experience during the day and will go into R-rated mode after 9PM.  Two Bit Circus have recognized the biggest fundamental issue with VR… not enough people have actually tried it.  Most consumers don’t understand the immersive power of the technology until they’ve experienced it.  Two Bit have seemed to developed a good model where they can introduce VR experiences to all age groups.


The cost of entry to VR at home is still relatively expensive to the average consumer.  LBE-VR arcades like Two Bit Circus are a great way to introduce VR and immersive technology to the masses to gain mainstream appeal.  Many theme parks are getting excited about VR and how its implementation could improve the experience, increase excitement about their rides, and drive more guests to their gates.


Source: Statista