CES 2018 – Samsung’s “The Wall”

CES 2018 – Samsung’s “The Wall” could change your media experience.  Could you see these on every other wall in the mall?  How ’bout at your favorite bar?  Maybe just put a scaled down version in restrooms?

Samsung made some of the most exciting TV news at the 2018 CES: The first consumer TV based on micro-LED technology (aka MicroLED, mLED, and ┬ÁLED). You can think of the mLEDs in the 146-inch, 8K UHD (7680 by 4320 pixels) “The Wall” is significantly brighter using non-organic OLEDs that similarly provide their own individual, energy-efficient light source.

Micro-LEDs eliminate the need for both a separate backlight and LCD shutters, so there should be little to no leakage of light in areas where you don’t want it. In plain-speak, mLEDs should deliver vastly improved blacks while increasing the peak brightness of LED TVs. For the first time, LED TV (which was shorthand for LED backlit) won’t be a misnomer.