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What is the metaverse? That's the big question because different people and different companies define the metaverse differently. For some, it's the next evolution of virtual and augme...
TV or not TV?  or OTT?
TV or not TV? or OTT?
Television finds itself in the midst of continued disruption. There are shifts that are not only changing the consumption of entertainment but also creating new distribution channels. Here...
Appointment television is NOT dead.
Appointment television is NOT dead.
It's been said that appointment television is dead. When content started streaming in bulk (e.g. Netflix, Amazon) media pundits started warning of the eventual demise of television. Well,...
UPDATE: Disney Stuntbots
UPDATE: Disney Stuntbots
It's official, Disney has announced it will be using its "stuntbots" at the new Avengers Campus which is planned to open at Disney California Adventure Park in 2021. We're going to see S...

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