November 2, 2020



Credits Consolidation, Composition, Planning & Organization (C3PO) would streamline workflows between post-production business units as well as centralize episodic television credits into a single source system.

Why do we show credits at the end of movies and television shows?

Credits refer to a list of acknowledgments of those who contributed to the creation of a movie or television program. Production companies are legally obligated by the guilds (e.g. WGA, DGA, PGA, SAG, etc) to display credits. In certain circumstances, there are legal contracts to the order of how their name appears (e.g. special credit at end of primary cast display) or their title (e.g. Executive Producer).

Credits were manually tracked on disparate Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, emails, post-it notes or worse in people’s memories. Credits displayed incorrectly result in financial penalties. C3PO would address these pain points.

Product Road Map

Phase I create a web portal to capture, consolidate, review, and approve Credits eliminating the managing of Credits through disparate and manual methods. The web portal also allows specific access to individuals outside of the Credits Administration business unit for legal reference and audits.

Phase II automates the creation of Credits, calculating guild timings against remaining Credits time. Drastically reduce the time, expense, and potential typographical errors incurred with manual creation.

Phase III develops distribution functions to generate 30-second .MOV files or single-frame images of Credits for delivery to post-production video facilities.