Drew Baldridge – Innovation During a Pandemic

Think Big, Start Small

I recently had the pleasure of attending a private, intimate concert performed by Drew Baldridge. Drew has taken a rather unique approach in fulfilling his love of performing in the midst of a pandemic.

While most artists disappeared into seclusion and as states slowly began to “come out for air” (releasing restrictions), Drew Baldridge decided to change his approach in reaching fans with his music.

It all started when a friend of Drew’s called and asked if he would be interested in playing a private party at a Kentucky Lake. It was Drew sitting on a boat dock with a little sound system playing for people that were in boats. He absolutely loved it. “I had a blast,ā€ Baldridge said. ā€œI really miss playing. It took me back to my early days playing around a bonfire with all my friends. It was like it was just me in the corner of a little bar with my acoustic guitar, but I was on a boat dock. I played original songs and Iā€™d take requests coming at me from somewhere on the water.ā€ Drew stated.

That hankering to satisfy the performer inside him prompted Drew to create a series of intimate, private shows. Posting it on social media he asked, “Who wants me to play at a party in your backyard?” The demand was so overwhelming almost overnight the “Baldridge & Bonfires” tour was created and fully booked.

Here’s Drew performing at the private concert I attended at my friend’s house.

Compassionate Artist

After meeting with Drew for an evening it is evident he has a giant heart. He’s very down to earth and genuine when he engages you in conversation. I could also see how much Drew truly enjoys performing and bringing joy to audiences.

I did some research on one of the songs he performed for us called “Senior Year” and discovered an artist with heart and empathy.

It all started when Drew started seeing a lot of tags and activity on social media for his song “Senior Year”. What prompted Drew to take action was a video from a little girl showing her friends and pictures accompanied by his song. When it got to his lyric “Never thought it would disappear… senior year” it struck a nerve in Drew as he realized their year did disappear. He then realized his song took on an entirely new meaning and context. Not long after, kids all around the country were reaching out and posting videos using his song.

Baldridge said he couldn’t believe the “wildfire effect” his song had on an entire generation of students. As a songwriter you can only hope to produce something that impactful.

Drew started brainstorming how to help graduates celebrate. What began as several virtual (Zoom) concerts a day evolved into 20 graduation performances and over 60 virtual concerts. Below is the Senior Year tour video.

Suffice it to say, I have become a Drew Baldridge fan for life.